10 Selection Criteria for Ideas Central

1. Suitability for age

Is the activity suitable for the intended age-level in terms of developmental stage, concepts involved, language required, style of the activity, etc.?

2. Clear English language targets/outcomes

Are the language outcomes clear? Will an English teacher be able to measure/demonstrate the success of the activity?

3. Effectiveness

Does the activity actually practice/teach the language intended? Is it clear that learners will improve their language as a result?

4. Clarity of instructions

Will a teacher be able to read the description of the activity and fully understand all aspects of it?

5. Ease of preparation

How much time will it take to prepare the activity? Is the time required to prepare it proportional to the intended outcomes?

6. General applicability

How easy will it be for other teachers around the world to use the activity? Are there cultural or practical considerations that would prevent its more general use? Is it possible to use the activity in most school environments?

7. Originality

Is the activity original or is it a re-working of something that has already been done? If it is a re-working, are the changes made enough to improve the original considerably? Plagiarism means your idea will be rejected.

8. Inclusiveness

Is the activity inclusive? Will all learners be able to participate?

9. Broader aims

Does the activity encourage learners to develop positive attributes beyond the immediate language goal? e.g. Team work, creativity, sharing, critical thinking, etc.

…and last but not least…

10. Fun

Will the activity keep the learners engaged? Will it be fun?

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